2014/15 Winter Season

The 661 Mini DH is now its 6th year in the Forest of Dean, the races started out small and have grown to be the races to do over the winter.

We have many famous names over the years who come to down to race for the laid back nature and good vibe the mini downhill races has to offer. Its now a breeding ground for local new talent that will surprise quite a few with their race times.

Lots of good tracks have sprung up over the last few years but you get to race on the best of these. Its a good mix from swooping corners, roots & rocks sections but everyone will have fun riding. This makes the racing really intense where every single second counts.

Riders will be competing against the clock to get the fastest time. Two timed runs the winner is the rider with fastest time.

Quote from Hot Dates in MBUK magazine Probably the most fun you can have in the winter. Mini DH racing at its absolute finest and the perfect opportunity for younger riders to have a crack at racing. It’s making us feel all warm inside just thinking about it!

New to downhill for the 10 & 12 year olds who want to race downhill? The minimum age for DH in the UK is 13 years old but we are always getting asked by parents “their son is 11 year’s old and really wants to start racing.
Great news is Mini Downhill’s are the only races approved by British Cycling to have 10 & 12 year old kids racing downhill.
we made the “Rippers” age category just for them, so tell you’re little brother to get his bike out and he can start racing.
This year we have cut the entry fee for Rippers to just £20!

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